Our community of researchers brings together excellence and innovation, pushing the frontiers of knowledge and discovery to shape a better future.

This involves creating, nurturing and promoting an environment in which people work together across disciplines and with partners to solve complex problems.

The result is truly transformational fundamental and challenge-led research that advances knowledge and creates solutions to local, national and global challenges.

Header image: The Namib Desert, viewed by Koreas Kompsat-2 satellite. Credit: KARI/ESA

Spotlight on economic development

Improving tissue regeneration treatment for patients across the world

Two Leeds professors commercialised the process they developed to ‘decellularise’ donor tissue with their spin-out company Tissue Regenix.

Transforming the UK’s luxury fashion and textiles sector

Researchers are working closely with industry through Future Fashion Factory, a £5.4 million research and development (R&D) programme.

The benefits of investing in zero-carbon cities

A new report shows low carbon measures in cities could reduce urban emissions by nearly 90% and support 87 million jobs worldwide by 2030.

Leeds is home to UK's first Centre for Cultural Value

Why do arts and culture matter? What difference do they make to people’s lives and our communities and how do we know?

Research that changes the world

Terahertz technology at Leeds

Our research in terahertz science and technology has diverse applications from telecommunications to medical imaging.

Changing the Story

We are leading a project in 12 countries to support young people affected by conflict, funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund.

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Centres and institutes

Our environment allows interdisciplinary research to flourish; creating fresh ideas and approaches to problem solving. We conduct interdisciplinary and impact-orientated research to address challenges at regional, national and global levels. Below are some of the areas where we are working across disciplines to tackle global challenges.

Climate change
Data analytics
Global health
Social change
Structural biology